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Use of Mastocarpus stellatus in food

Teresa PachecoEABAJanuary 30, 2024Mastocarpus stellatus food

References to the use of Mastocarpus stellatus as an important food and source of carrageenan used in food, before 1997, referred to as Gigartina stellatus (currently regarded as a synonym of Mastocarpus stellatus*) in the books:
•Mac an Iomaire, S. The Shores of Connemara. Kinvara: Tír Eolas, 2000, p. 166-168; translated from the ORIGINAL: Mac An Iomaire, S. Cladaigh Chonamara. Baile Átha Cliath : Oifig An tSoláthair, 1938
•Newton, L. Seaweed utilisation. London: Sampson Low, 1951, p. 105-106
•Chapman, V.J. and Chapman, D.J. Seaweeds and Their Uses. London: Chapman and Hall, 1980, p. 111 and 114

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