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Use of Porphyra linearis in food

Teresa PachecoEABAJanuary 30, 2024Porphyra linearis food

References to the use of Porphyra linearis as food, “making a tasty sweet soup” and compared to as green cabbage, before 1997. Also referred to as An Fíorshleabhcán/True Sloke (currently regarded as a synonym of Porphyra linearis *) in the book:
•Mac an Iomaire, S. The Shores of Connemara. Kinvara: Tír Eolas, 2000, p. 171; translated from the ORIGINAL: Mac An Iomaire, S. Cladaigh Chonamara. Baile Átha Cliath : Oifig An tSoláthair, 1938

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