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Use of Ulva clathrata in food

Teresa PachecoEABAJanuary 30, 2024Ulva clathrata food

References to the use of Ulva clathrata as various foods, before 1997. Also referred to as Enteromorpha clathrata (currently regarded as a synonym of Ulva clathrata *) in the books:
•Madlener. J.C. The Seavegetables book. New york: Clarkson N. Potter, Inc 1977, p.77 and 166-167
•Arasaki, S. & Arasaki, T. Vegtables from the Sea, Toyko; Japan Publications, 1983, p. 31
•Chapman, V.J. and Chapman, D.J. Seaweeds and Their Uses. London: Chapman and Hall, 1980, p. 64

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