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Dunaliella salina powder and oil extraction for consumption

Dunya JansenEABAMarch 2, 2023dunaliella salinaalgaeoilspray dried

The information I bring, is in relation to two products. The first on, the spray dried Dunaliella salina microalgae and the second one is, the oil suspension with 2% beta-carotene extracted from Dunaliella salina . These products were produced by the company Betatene from Australia and were introduced in the market before 1997 and were on sale in 1998 in Europe.

Betatene company was acquired by Cognis which is now part of BASF in Germany since 2010. Betatene is now a brand from BASF Nutrition and is still related with the production of beta-carotene in Australia. The images are from the Betatene website that existed in 1998 as it was possible to obtain form Some of the companies that were selling the Betatene products no longer exist, except Solgar that still has Dunaliella salina in the portfolio with relevant sales since early nineties.

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Mia SymonMarch 2, 2023

It is quite interesting the use of algaes in products that we consume in our daily lives!! Very interesting, in fact!

Matilda ChalesMarch 9, 2023

It is very fascinating this subject!!